Ok so this is my brand new blog 41……

41? The whole idea behind 41  is to record something, anything that happens every single day for the next year……. and why call it 41? Because Im celebrating being 41 this year, yeap celebrating! I have always quite fancied writing a diary, only a diary isnt really me…. so I wondered what I could do to record an entire year of life incorporating my hobby, photography.

So what better way than to record a moment in time each and every day of being 41…..each day my trusty Pentax K10D will snap something that I see that interest me, fascinates me, makes me happy, reminds me, intrigues me or simply amazes me….so much of life goes on around us and we dont even notice…….so much of living is recorded in some way or another…..photography is a part of everyday life whether we know it or not…..cameras record our every move, every transaction, even every crime…….some of us choose to put ourselves infront of the camera to record precious moments or celebrations…..some of us prefer to be behind the camera…..thats me!

So tomorrow is day 1, a clean sheet, and a full battery……….and a new adventure begins…………..


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