41 Day 13

Post 13! Unlucky for some?

Im fairly superstitious but as always was optimistic of finding a shot en route to work and so decided to turn off the main road an check out the views across the fields from a small narrow winding lane. But within seconds of driving the lane I realised that it maybe wasn’t such a good idea as the lane was covered in a layer of sheer ice!  Post 13 was looking more unlucky by the second as I skated somewhat uncontrollably around the bend, coming to an untimely stop due to a few frozen ruts on the verge! Feeling that to go any further may be tempting fate just a little too much I got out and looked across the lane to the fields on the hill, showing the old strips that would have been farmed by the villagers hundreds of years before nicely highlighted by the snow lying in the shallows. The sun was just starting to appear from the horizon and was casting a warming glow across the scene, although tell that to my fingers! Winter mornings are beautiful and there are plenty more views in that area worth a look, a return is on the cards for sure!

View from Withybrook Lane


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