41 Day 15

2 weeks in and Im really enjoying writing this blog and especially enjoying the photography. It’s a great way to learn how to not only use the camera (and boy there is still so much to learn!) but also the art of looking around you as it really makes you think about the world you live in. After the weather reports of the last few days I expected to wake up to snow drifts up the front door – wishful thinking – in reality it amounted to a few flurries here and there. In the back garden I have a couple of plants in pots and Ive been worried about the effects of the cold weather on them although they are quite sheltered so en route to the dustbin I thought Id check on them – the snow flurries had settled on the spiky leaves and it looked like each leaf was encrusted in tiny diamonds as they sparkled in the early light. So, out came the camera and after working my way through most of the white balance settings, apertures and Iso settings Ive settled on this shot, not for its technical excellence (which is severely lacking!) but for the fact that it shows how tough this little plant is and how it is a survivor!

Just wait until Spring


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