41 Day 16 – A walk in the Park

What a fab day! Early start this morning and so loaded up the tripod and flask and headed out to a couple of locations that I’d spied over the last few days. The first was a small wetland reserve that I drive past everyday and it was beautiful, it just so happened that the guys that had set up the trust were also there and happily chatted to me about the various flora and fauna, its amazing what you can learn by talking to people and I hope to visit again for their open day. I then went on to a local beauty spot called Bradgate Park, known for its deer….only the deer were obviously in hiding as not one was to be found, but the scenery more then made up for the lack of deer and looked stunning with the snow still lying quite thick in places. However I have chosen a shot that simply makes me smile rather than another landscape image, I just love the way they all line up huddled together for warmth with the foreman of the bunch ensuring the rules of the park are monitored! See if you can spot him!

Listen up lads, no visitors beyond this point and no swimming!

Image Copyright of Lucy Gutteridge


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