41 Day 17 – Inside Out

Well a complete turn around in the weather today! They say us Brits are obsessed by the weather that we experience here but honestly the difference a day makes! Yesterday was simply beautiful, a traditional winters day, glorious sunshine and crispy cold, the bluest of skies and red noses everywhere, a perfect day for walking. Throwing back the curtains this morning and and it was grey gloom and doom all the way, hmmmm not so good. Now Im not using the weather as my excuse for not shooting anything today however the image I have chosen today was infact taken yesterday……’But thats cheating!’  I hear you say, well yes technically it is, but I have tinkered with this one today inbetween Sunday lunch at my wonderful parents followed by an impromptu shopping trip to replace my walking jacket that I managed to wreck yesterday (dont ask – it was one of those zip moments and after much struggling the zip won!). You will also see that I have added a new poll at the end of this post, its really easy, just tick Like or Dislike and hit the button! It would be great to know what you think! For questions feel free to use the comment button, Id love to hear from you! Hope you like this!

Inside Out! Bradgate Park in Leicestershire


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