41 Day 19 – Roses are Red

Happy Valentines Day to you all! Unfortunately there was no suprise bouquet or card through the door (well a girl can hope!) just the usual pile of take away flyers and insurance deals too good to miss! But the cats greeted me with much affection, well it was almost tea time! Anyway, Ive been reading some other blogs out there and Im really impressed at the detail some of them go into however I prefer to keep it short and sweet…..todays shot just had to be linked to Valentines Day and having visited the local shop for milk on the way home I noticed the flowers were reduced and so fighting my way through the 4 guys who had obviously forgotten the importance of remembering their wives and girlfriends I grabbed a bunch and made for the tills! Once home I discovered a single red rose hidden amongst the foliage, deep red and leaves so velvety, and thats the shot for today, my single, self bought accidental rose – beautiful!

Accidental Romance


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