41 Day 21 – You’re Buzzted!

As I write this I’m smiling…..because the young subject of my shot today is proving to be the most troublesome subject I have ever had! Now I have photographed children, reluctant adults, hyperactive animals and changeable landscapes but this guy / gal is proving to be the most challenging! On the drive home from work the light wasnt great but the nights are showing signs of lengthening as we move towards Spring and so I decided to drive the lanes rather than the motorway. As I turned off the main road and headed down the lane that is flanked by open fields to both sides I spotted him, sat casually on a post on the side of the road, who I hear you ask?! Well I have been seeing a young Buzzard almost every time I drive this route, and every time I see him and pull up he takes to the sky with a jump. So tonight I wasnt going to let the opportunity pass me by! So I reversed up the lane as much as I could without spooking him and reached for the 70-300mm lens, then hung out the window of my car and started to shoot, unfortunately as you will see there is some blur to the shot but that was due to the lens resting on the window and a degree of excited energy! After 3 shots I was about to try more zoom but who should appear on the brow of the hill but a police car! Now Im sure there’s no law against photographing wildlife but Im not so sure that there isnt some bylaw that states you are not allowed to pull up on a main road for the purpose of snapping birds of prey! To be fair the policeman was quite friendly and had spotted the bird and noted the camera now sat on the passenger seat…..so following some nervous ramblings from me he decided I wasnt in need of assistance but made it clear I should move on –  by now the young bird had hopped off and was now sat at some distance in the field probably quite pleased with himself at having managed to evade being snapped yet again!

I come with Police protection!


4 thoughts on “41 Day 21 – You’re Buzzted!

  1. Now, I know what this feels like….nice capture 🙂 Buzzards pose beautifully until the car stops so well done you 🙂

    • He really is a tease! Sits there all coy until you get to the point where you can shoot and then he’s off! Hence the blur! Although to be honest if the policeman hadnt appeared I may have stood a chance!! Thanks for the comment!

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