41 Day 23 – Oh my Darling….

There is a song, ditty, not sure what you’d call it but its quite a famous little song and looking at this shot it just makes me think of the lyrics….Oh my darling Clemantine. It’s been a long day today and I’ve been at work all day so the oppotunity to take a shot outdoors has eluded me but yet again Ive found something quite ordinary and turned it into a superstar for the day! A simple piece of fruit, sat humbly in my fruit bowl, but its colours are positively glowing and happy! So here is my image for today a fruity litttle number, but for some strange reason it makes me smile! Next time you reach for the juicer, or the carton of fresh squeezed orange juice, think of this little fella and smile!

Oh My Darling Clemantine!


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