41 Day 25 – Simply Snowdrops

Day 25 already! Time really is flying by but the great thing is that writing this blog is almost a day by day record, I can look at a day and the image instantly takes me back to that day, that place and a moment in time! The image today is of a flower that I love and in yet its only with us for a short time and then its gone, yet year on year you look for its arrival, a sign that Winter is ebbing away and Spring is only a whisper away. I drove past this place on Friday, known locally as Temple Hill, and saw that the delicate stems and wax like buds were making a break through the remnants of the last snows and frosts, so this morning I parked up and walked to the small wooded bank and there they were, heads bowed yet greeting me, gently quivvering in the cool breeze, miniture ballerinas tiptoeing over the bank…….probably my favourite image yet! (Please note that again this image is not pin sharp as the breeze was quite strong and these flowers are so delicate that the slightest whisper and they dance!)


4 thoughts on “41 Day 25 – Simply Snowdrops

  1. They are so beautiful Lucy… I love them all! you have so much energy to go out and then work on them photos and at the end post them with all the details!! I bet you must be enjoying through out!!
    Can’t wait to meet you on our next meet up.

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