41 Day 28 – Early Morning Sunrise

Waking up this morning it was still dark, I guess although the evenings are starting to lengthen the mornings havent quite caught up yet but within half an hour the sky was warming up. The sun was rising and the brickwork on the surrounding houses was glowing orange, so I ran back downstairs and took the camera into the back garden the problem being that my garden is quite hemmed in and so couldnt get a clear shot of the actual sunrise but looking down the garden towards the shed Icould see that the old damson tree was silhouetted beautifully against the rapidly changing skyline, backlit by a peach melba sky, rich pink mingling with hot orange tones! Ive seen some lovely sunrises recently but this was so soft and pastel  the branches all sparse and fruitless, black against the heat of the sky yet this old tree in late summer still bears the most sweet damsons, its not even spring but roll on autumn and damsons a plenty! (what I hadnt noticed was the bird in the top of the tree in full song! See if you can find him!)

The Old Damson Tree


6 thoughts on “41 Day 28 – Early Morning Sunrise

  1. You are good at describing scenario as well as capturing them!! I like the shot very much but if I were you, I would justify all your effort you made to take this image by reducing the noise in the sky.

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