41 Day 31 – Caught on Camera

For the last few months I have been doing my bit for the bird population and from a more selfish perspective I love to see the different birds flying into my garden to feed on the seeds and nuts that I leave out. However, for sometime I have noticed that the appetite of these small birds, sparrows, bluetits and robins seems to have grown considerably to the point that wihin 24hrs of topping up the birdtable (that my dad made!) it is empty, with nothing but husks left behind. However it is not the birds that are feasting with such gusto, it is the cheeky chappy featuring in my image of the day, yeap that cute furry rascal otherwise known as the grey squirrel! Caught in mid action I havent the heart to chase him off! So  knowing that he is making the most of the table I have hung out another feeder for the birds, so they dont miss out!

Daylight Robbery!


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