41 Day 38 – My 41st Birthday!

Hi everyone, big thank you to all of you who have left some lovely comments, hit the Like button and who have chosen to follow my ramblings in photography in this my 41st year! And I can say that quite truthfully now as today is my birthday and as a little treat I have taken myself off to the The Lake District in Cumbria (UK) for a couple of days, for fresh air, stunning scenery and unpredictable weather!! Ive had all sorts today from glorious sunshine, snow, hail and rain! (all at once at times!) Oh the British weather, where would we be without it?? Not so green for a start. Im always stunned by the array of greens in the landscape up here. However I am unable to deliver the image of the day……..as in my haste to get here I forgot to pack my card reader or cable! So all my efforts (and there are 436 of them!!) are stuck in my camera waiting to get out and onto this page! So, I will just post words today and see if I can purchase a new reader tomorrow whilt on my travels round this gem of the British Isles…..have a great evening all!



6 thoughts on “41 Day 38 – My 41st Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to you…:) Enjoy ~ and we will enjoy your endeavours when you get back I am sure 😉

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