41 Day 42 – Sneaky Peek

Well it was back to work for me today although the day seemed to fly by, and even though I have been glued to my camera over the last few days my quest for a different image is still ongoing. Parking ouside my house I got out the car and walked towards the door, now some months ago (in fact it was before Christmas) I planted some tiny seedlings as they were descibed as winter flowering Pansies. A nice splash of colour I thought for the long dull winter days….but for months they have remained tucked away behind the lip of the hanging basket that adorns the front wall of the house, keeping their heads down, no sign of a colourful flower, no sign of the characteristic smile that violas and pansies usually give you! But then tonight, without warning they have risen above the edge of that basket and are cheekily peeking over the edge, smiling brightly at me, wintery colours of purple and lilac, but happy and cheerful! So thats my shot for today, a cheeky peeking pansy!


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