41 Day 43 – Forbidden View

This image is quite hard compared to some of the photos I have taken since I started this blog, flowers, woodlands and landscapes etc so a bit of a change! This was taken down a short driveway off the main road that leads home, its somewhere I have never taken much notice of until today when I got stuck in traffic and happened to glance sideways. So I pulled off the road and went for a short wander, coming to the gates I peered through and remarkably behind the gate stands a beautiful victorian style water tower, surrounded by a grass manicured bank. I guess it belongs to the water company, but its a shame you cant get closer as the brickwork is quite ornate, the gate allows you a brief sighting but the rest is up to your own imagination….


3 thoughts on “41 Day 43 – Forbidden View

  1. I agree it is a shame that sometimes the unusual architecture that we so want to photograph is either being demolished or locked behind gates. Interesting shot with the water on the padlock and the water tower locked away

    • Absolutely agree, there are a few buildings around here that are really interesting, there is another victorian building but it is locked away again behind gates, may try and capture it before its lost forever to the developers…..

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