41 Day 46 – Portrait time!

‘Smile!’ ……….how many times have you either been asked to smile for a photo or said it to someone as you take theirs? I wonder how many times we smile in a day? Have you ever wondered if animals smile………and although we can see other people smiling its very rare you ever see yourself smile…..unless its in a photo! (or you stand in front of the mirror smiling at yourself hmmmm!) This photograph is a lighthearted reflection of smiling, its simple and almost childlike but after taking a couple of shots I checked back through them on the camera screen and instantly a smile appeared on my face! Sometimes its the simple things in life we take for granted, overlook or ignore…..so go on lets see your SMILE!


3 thoughts on “41 Day 46 – Portrait time!

  1. I have seen one person came to see me for the first time when I was at Focus on imaging and I barely show her without smile on her face!!What are you talking about!!! if one has to lawn to smile, they should meet that person!! you were so charming and smiling face all the time I was with you!! but of course you are right … we always miss the smile unless a photographer asks us to !! well thought and implemented.

      • Believe me or not I am the laziest person you may have meet in reading wise but some how I go through your statement to reply!
        Of course you made me laugh and made my rest of the day of exhibition cheerful!

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