41 Day 48 – Cherry Blossom Pink

Ive noticed that all of a sudden the blossom trees are covered in pink and white flowers, almost overnight they have gone from bare branches to beautiful coloured trees, a sure sign that spring is creeping up on us. On my drive into work each day I pass through town and out into the countryside, and there seems to be equal number of blossom trees regardless of where you are. The shot I have taken today was of a tree in a garden quite close to home, but driving out into the countryside and looking across the acres of fields Im really suprised to see so many patches of pink against the suddenly green backdrop. I hope to get some more images of these delicate blooms over the next few weeks as the flowers are minature works of art, next time your close to a blossom tree just take a look, but watch out for the bees, they love them too!


2 thoughts on “41 Day 48 – Cherry Blossom Pink

  1. I personally liked the second one (close up) because the other one looked little fuzzy to me! perhaps my eyes are getting old now! regardless I like the colour of flowers!

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