41 Day 49 – Demolition Dawns

Well the weather in this country is always a topic of conversation as it is so unpredictable and today was no exception! We were promised a sunny day after the early morning fog lifted but the fog seemed to have other ideas…..so the drive home was almost as shrouded as was the drive in this morning and I was having to have a serious rethink of my shot of the day. But once I reached the centre of town the fog seemed to lift and I spied my subject….a building in its final stages of existence….an old hoisery factory about to be levelled to make way for flats…hoisery used to be the main industry of my hometown and employed 95% of the towns inhabitants and records date back to the 17th century when Joseph lliffe brought the knitting frame to the town, but over the years the skills have been lost as the factories have been closed down and business transferred thousands of miles away…the heart of the town ripped out, peoples livelyhoods lost and the slow decline of a once thriving community….the image being the final moments, the last stand of a building with a history….as it awaits its demolition dawn….


One thought on “41 Day 49 – Demolition Dawns

  1. Well said Lucy, I totally agree with you. I would like to suggest something if you have your Photoshop ready! just after opening the image go to Image > Adjustment > Shadows/Highlights > then alter all figures as follow starting from the top and see if you like it! 44,50,105, 15,34,64, +20 and +7 leave the rest as is. Hope this helps.

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