41 Day 55 – The clock is ticking

Walking across a small nature reserve early this morning en route to work I found something quite remarkable, not for its splendour or individuality for this particular flora is commonplace (infact its renowned as being a much loathed garden pest!), but the fact that it has managed somehow to flower and seed at this, the coldest time of the year. I can only assume that it has remained sheltered and warm through the frosts of January and snow of February and so has been able to flower quietly alone in splendid isolation. There was only one so I felt I had to use this as my photo post for today…the lone survivor, silently counting down the days till summer, when its new seeds will drift off to pastures new….ready to begin again….


4 thoughts on “41 Day 55 – The clock is ticking

  1. Soft soft soft, whoops I seem to be getting carried away by that bloomin velvet advert that is stuck in my head. The dandelion is so amazing to photograph whether it be on a windy day or as a close up macro shot.

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