41 Day 56 – Magazine Mayhem

I cant begin to count the photography magazines I have purchased over the years, in fact I have probably funded a new camera by now! But I never throw a magazine out after reading as you never know when you will want that snippet of info that you read about on focus, or aperture or exposure, composition etc etc etc…..the problem is remembering which copy it was in! So you land up trawling through magazine after magazine and if youre anything like me you will get distracted and start reading about something completely different and forget what it was that you were actually looking for! I look forward to the day when I get home from work and there on the door mat is the latest issue, pristine pages as yet unread, holding secrets and tips…but can you really learn from a magazine?


4 thoughts on “41 Day 56 – Magazine Mayhem

  1. Lucy…please….please…..please, share those tips (with us all) you been hiding behind the brain!!! You are absolutely right about finding what you want from that particular magazine! Also I have piles of magazine in my computer room but hardly go through them!! I wonder if we can sell them!
    Like the image anyways.

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