41 Day 58 – Marvellous Magnolias

Spring really has arrived! Today has been absolutely glorious, the town was busy and there was even a steel band playing in the highstreet, a real summer feel to the day and the sun shone. Walking down the road towards home there were so many flowers that I couldnt decide which one to photograph for todays image but then I saw the Magnolia Tree. My Grandfather loved Magnolias and so I just had to try and do it justice, the petals were still quite tightly closed in places but some of the blossoms had managed to open in the warmth, now Im not sure if you have ever touched the flowers of the Magnolia but the petals are like wax, almost as if they have been handmade, and the colours are so delicate yet striking, sadly the blooms usually only last for anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks, so when you see them take a moment to stand and stare, and breathe them in…..


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