41 Day 59 – Sunday Sunday

Firstly, before I go any further, I would like to explain my sudden absence last week. I was working in Paris attending the Composites Industry showcase JEC, however even though I had planned my packing to perfection to include my laptop (along with various cables and connectors) in order that I could continue to blog from my parisienne accommodation, to my utter despair the wifi simply would not allow me to connect….having tried for hours over the first couple of days I gave up! Disgruntled and suffering an untimely cold I resigned myself to being unable to blog for the duration of the exibition, however some of you may have noted the entry A Position of Trust, I simply wanted you all to know that I hadnt deserted you all and that as soon as I was home I would endeavour to fulfill the challenge of an image a day – thanks to Steve for getting my message out there! (and so eloquently too!) But in the immortal word of a certain Hollywood star I’M BACK!

The image below was taken at Thornton Reservoir on the morning of Sunday 25th March prior to my flight to Paris that afternoon….


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