41 Day 64 – Pure Orchid

Friday 30th March and Im sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting on the taxi to collect us and send us on our way home. Hotel lobbies are a wonderful place to people watch……people arriving, people leaving, greetings and goodbyes all around. The reception at this hotel is actually quite nice, bright and airy it has a conservatory feel to it and so what would be better than an orchid to grace the glass tables and displays……there were in fact orchids all around the reception area, more evidence of that Parisienne chic that abounds this city (no tatty chrysanthemums here!) ….palest white petals dark green stems and delicate purple detailing giving a touch of paradise found. The way the light streamed through the glass roof acted like spotlights finding the star of the show, only this performer was perfection itself…..


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