41 Day 65 – A lucky Girl

Home! Simply the best place in the world and after a lovely long sleep the reality of the last week hit me! Washing galore and no food in the cupboards! So whats a girl to do? Go to Mum and Dads of course! After a visit to my parents I called back home to collect a coat (as it has been a lot cooler than of late) but as I walked to the front door my neighbour dashed out and called me over holding a rather large box…..considering that I wasnt actually expecting anything I pondered what it could be but my neighbour was one step ahead (as ever!) She seemed somewhat reluctant to actually hand it over but once both the box and myself were in the safety of my front door I set about opening the box…..now every girl loves a suprise and boy what a suprise! A beautiful bouquet of spring flowers, rainbow coloured! So the subject for todays post, and definately saving the best till last is my wonderful spring suprise……absence definately makes the heart grow fonder! x


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