41 Day 66 – Return to the Magnolia Tree

Driving up to my parents earlier today I passed the same Magnolia tree that I photographed a short time ago and I was shocked to see just how many flowers the tree has gone on to produce this year. Last year wasnt a particularly good year for Magnolias but this year they are absolutely splendid and this one is no exception. So, with a glorious blue sky (apparently the weather here is to revert back to winter this coming week brrrr) and a warm breeze I parked the car and stood right underneath its canopy of waxy white and pink blooms. This particular tree must be quite an old one, Id say at leat 15 to 20 yrs old if not older, and its branches spread wide, hanging over the wall, allowing me some real close up shots. The flowers seem more open now and deeper in colour so I wanted to re blog this theme to show the flowers off to their absolute best…I can really appreciate why my Grandfather George so adored these trees and if I ever get to own my own garden I will plant one just for him!


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