41 Day 67 – Check your Mirrors!

Day 67 already! I really cant believe I have posted 67 posts but its here in black and white! So today is a cheeky shot that takes me back to my driving test mmmmmm so many years ago!! I was sat in my car this morning waiting for the windows to clear and just as I was about to pull off a van driving somewhat faster than he should flew past and almost took my wing mirror off! Leaping on the brakes and recovering from a near miss I now felt somewhat more awake than I had done seconds earlier!!! So, going back to basics I checked the mirrors and pulled off…..it was a reminder of that most stressful of days many years ago, my driving test! I can still remember my instructor drilling into me ‘mirrors, mirrors mirrors!’ He was a great driving instructor but I still remember the feeling of utter dread that gripped me before each lesson – even though I was desperate to learn to drive and loved every minute of the lesson (well maybe with the exception of the reverse round the corner!!) So here’s a reminder straight from my instructor….Mirror!!!!


13 thoughts on “41 Day 67 – Check your Mirrors!

  1. I flunked my driving test twice before passing on my third try…Not the written part, the actually driving part….

    This was cute!

  2. I’ve had 3 driving tests, one for the car, passed first time, and 2 for driving coaches.. failed the first for causing an obstruction lol I said it’s 40 feet long, of course it’s causing an obstruction… I didn’t realise he actually failed me for travelling 1 foot past a stop sign when the lights turned to red… so I had to do it all over again… that test was just so difficult, crash gearbox, no power steering, an indicator switch that was a twisty timed knob that needed both hands to turn… ah them days… Well done on your blogs, not sure whether I’ll have the same commitment… we’ll see x

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