41 Day 69 – Rainy Days & Wednesdays

Wednesday, funny name for a day, the more you say a word the funnier it sounds. Now I know youre all reading this thinking what a strange opening for a blog but I like to mix it up a little! Language is something we all use everyday, whether its English, French, German or whatever language you use and its something we all take for granted. I have always envied those who can speak more than just the language they are brought up know, its a skill and I wish I had studied harder in French lessons when I was at school! As for the weather well last week we had unseasonably warm weather yet today just 20 miles up the road has had snow although at the time this shot was taken it was raining…..a weird weather Wednesday all in all!


6 thoughts on “41 Day 69 – Rainy Days & Wednesdays

    • No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!! Rain is good at the moment as we have drought conditions in some areas of the UK and badly need it! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comments!

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