41 Day 70 – Instant Sunshine

Yesterday was wet and rainy, not a bad thing as we need the water, so today I wanted to post something happy, something bright. Seeing as the sun has obviously decided to stay in hibernation I had to look elsewhere for instant sunshine. Now this post may not be a favourite of those of you who suffer from hayfever as this crop is the cause of many a sneeze, but drive through the British countryside and you will see huge swathes of farmland illuminated by this yellow plant named Canola, formerly known as Rapeseed, ‘rape’ derived from the Latin for turnip and part of the mustard family. Its uses are varied and the seeds can be used in the production of edible oils as well as bio-diesel and although it has been described as toxic to animals, bees love it and farmers plant it to encourage bees to an area where other crops are planted for pollination. So although your day may be grey and miserable look out for a piece of countryside where the sun always shines….



5 thoughts on “41 Day 70 – Instant Sunshine

  1. I’ll be your number 2… that don’t sound right do it?…. Love the pics and the story brings back memories of a huge field of this stuff behind where I used to live… and yes the hayfever was a killer!

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