41 Day 71 – Bedazzled

Its strange but the more you think about what to photograph the less there seems to be! Sometimes (and this is what happens most of the time) you just have to see something and all of a sudden there is your image of the day! Over thinking things really isnt the way forward, Ive spent most of my life thinking things through but sometimes you just have to go with the flow….photography is a good example. I admire those photographers who choose their subject and spend hours, days, weeks achieving that perfect image (mind you they probably dont have a full time job to squeeze in!!) then spend an equally long period of time changing it in an editing suite….now I do love the effects that you can apply out of the camera but Im a bit of a purist at heart and try to produce the image I want in camera. Needless to say it doesnt always work!  Its Good Friday today and so I have been enjoying a day off, mostly spent lying on my sofa watching Midsomer Murders, when I noticed the light fitting in my lounge, glass teardrops suspended in mid air, glistening in the daylight, waiting for darkness to decend, so that it can perform its

duty and light up the dark with dazzling effect!


2 thoughts on “41 Day 71 – Bedazzled

  1. Great idea! I’ve got pictures of just about everything in my flat! Even the candles! (Now there’s an idea…)

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