41 Day 72 – Old alongside New

Some of you may know that I have been suffering from a virus for a couple of weeks now and to be honest Im fed up with it! So, I decided to get some fresh air and went for a wander just round the back of where I live to see if I could find anything blogworthy (think Ive just invented a new word there!) and I wasnt disappointed. A few weeks ago I posted an image of the old Hinckley College site being demolished to make way for a housing estate, however a new campus has been built in another part of town and the interesting thing about it is that it sits alongside one of the oldest buildings in Hinckley, the old Atkins Factory. The first cottage factory which stands opposite this site and is now reserved as a museum was established in the 1722 by Robert Atkins a son of a yeoman farmer who set up his frame knitting business in the town and after much success the new factory and subject of this shot was built in 1895, the Atkins name lived on. In 1994 the last of the family, Tom Atkins retired and the company was sold to Coats Viyella following 273 years of family continuity however the factory was finally closed in 2002, laying dormant until 2010 when work began to regenerate the building which is grade 2 listed into the multi use facility we see today. In these images you can see the contrast between the old Atkins building and the new college building, I have added an interesting link to the history of the Atkins factory – well worth a read!





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