41 Day 73 – Imposter!

Today is Easter Sunday, a religious day for Christians around the world but do you know why we give eggs at Easter? Well apparently eggs are a forbidden food during the period of Lent, and so eggs are given at this time as a celebration of new life and new beginnings. An Anglo  Saxon legend tells how the Saxon Goddess Eostre found a wounded bird and transformed it into a Hare so that it would survive the Winter, the Hare found that it could lay eggs and so decorated them each Spring and left them for the Goddess as a gift! In more recent times the first Easter eggs were birds eggs which were hand painted in bright colours and given as gifts however around the world there are many different references to eggs at Easter. Personally I love eggs and I especially love chocolate eggs! So todays image just had to be egg related! (How did I manage to get through this post without one egg joke?? Eggstremely unusual for me!)


One thought on “41 Day 73 – Imposter!

  1. Well, Thank you for educating Lucy! also I love the chocolate egg! I heard that you are not well!! I am so sorry to here and wish you get well soon.
    Very best regards.

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