41 Day 74 – A Quiet Place

I have always had a fascination for churches, history and anything from long ago. I remember as a child reading books on history, learning about the Romans and the Tudors, both of which have had a huge influence on the English countryside. My first visit to Rome was like the history book was coming alive, touching the columns that Romans centuries before had built with their hands. Churches hold the same mystery, cold stone and heavy wooden beams providing a calm haven to people for centuries, just walking through the door feels like you are entering somewhere far away from reality. But we only see the church in an aged state, I often try to imagine what they would have looked like when they were being constructed, all new and clean. The closest I think you can get to knowing what a new church might have looked like is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This as yet unfinished basilica was commenced in 1882 and has an anticipated finish date of 2026 and I had the priviledge of visiting it a few years ago (well worth a visit!) but I still love the little churches we have here in England, the village churches, tucked away in  sleepy corners, cared for by their parisheners, often in a state of disrepair but none the less beautiful….and still a place to escape. The church in todays post is St.James’s in Sutton Cheney, locally known as the Battlefield Church as it has links to Richard the 3rd who took his last mass here prior to the Battle of Bosworth in 1485 and dates back to the 13th century. I stood for a moment at that door and wondered who had walked through it over the years…….


2 thoughts on “41 Day 74 – A Quiet Place

  1. I just love the history of churches and the sense of calm whenever you visit one. Sometimes they can be a quiet refuge at the end of a day in the city or at the end of a winding path having taken a detour from a walk on the South Downs either way these builds really stand the time of mans convictions. Whoops did I go on, sorry….I particularly like the image of the tree lined path and your comment about “who had walked through that door”.

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