41 Day 75 – Stormy Skies

April and clouds are gathering. I wasnt really sure what todays image was going to be but the drive home provided a dramatic canvas to work from as clouds massed on the horizon. Pulling the car onto the grass verge and walking across the road I could feel heavy spots of rain already falling, a pheasant flew up from behind the hedgerow and ran at speed across the road and into the neighbouring field heading for the shelter of the crops. So wasting no time I began to record the the rapidly changing sky. In the distance you could see the rain being emptied over the landscape, a welcome sight as we have had one of the driest winters for years. Fortunately I made it back to the car dry and headed for home!


9 thoughts on “41 Day 75 – Stormy Skies

    • Thanks for such a great comment! I just shoot whats infront of me and then try to put some words to it that interest people. Im having such fun with this self imposed challenge but its so good to get great feedback!

    • Once again thank you for commenting as it is so inspiring for me to know that you took the time to stop and comment. I love clouds but its that thing about looking up! We dont look up enough and this is what we miss!

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