41 Day 77 – Contrasting Landscape

Im having a bit of a sky and weather fest at the moment as its providing many oppotunities for my daily image and this one is no exception. The weather at the moment is anything between glorious sunshine to big heavy clouds and blackened skies and you cant help but wonder what to wear! Last night whilst out walking the weather decided to throw hail into the mix! Not a pleasant experience! The images I have used today show the contrast between the landscape and the sky, the sun was highlighting sections of he landscape making it appear that it was glowing although the sky was dark and brooding, threatening heavy rain (which we got late into the night). The second image reminded me of an old song by Dire Straits…Telegraph Road which appeared on the Love Over Gold album in 1982, a link to the first image……golden field clack sky…….




4 thoughts on “41 Day 77 – Contrasting Landscape

  1. So many memories with Dire Straights haha! Still enjoy their stuff, great talent. Great post too, very similar to my blog.. you posted first, but I’ve just read this! Strange again… x

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