41 Day 78 – Pump it Up

En route to work this morning I took a detour and landed up going a back route to work through the lanes, having turned a corner and almost collided with a fallen branch of a rather large tree (I managed to avoid actually hitting it) I drove down the road and stopped at the give way junction. Glancing to my left I saw what looked a first glance like an old derelict petrol pump, so having now swung the car round I headed back for a closer look. I’ve done quite a few landscape shots this week and so this looked like an oppotunity to do something different so I parked the car and hopped out camera at the ready. Now what I didnt realise was that this was in fact a working haulage yard, and the pumps although very old are actually still working! Having got a few shots in quite misty dull conditions I headed back to the car and noticed that I myself was being watched (by a rather grumpy looking chap!) so without hesitation I pulled off and gave him my best smile!!!


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