41 Day 79 – Candid Camera

Cameras have always fascinated me, from the first camera my parents let me get my hands on to my current Pentax, there’s something surreal about them. Your eyes can see something, your brain can record it as a memory, but a camera can freeze it, capture it forever, frozen, suspended in time, to be looked at again and again, laughed at, cried over, reminded of. A photo can take you back to a place, back to a moment and you re-live it. Thats quite amazing really considering that a camera is a man made item, metal and glass (and a bit of technology! ok quite a lot of technology!!) But a camera is only as good as the person who sees the shot, who hits the button….so no matter how much your camera cost you, or how expensive your lenses may be, it takes the human eye to spot the oppotunity! Start looking!


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