41 Day 81 – Local Legend

Now sometimes when your out and about you are conciously looking for something to photograph, other times you are simply too busy to notice whats really around you. This is true of todays image! Sometimes Im just too busy to worry about what to grab from the cupboards for lunch and inevitably end up in the local supermarket (and usually spend far more than neccessary!) This particular supermarket is no different to any other but it does have a rather interesting entrance feature. I work in Coventry, a city known around the world for the terrible price it paid during World War 2 when it suffered one of the worst bombings of the war but even before this it has another legend! Lady Godiva was an 11th century noblewomanwho rode naked upon a horse through the streets of Coventry in protest at the haeavy taxes her husband imposed upon the tennants of Coventry. However this is no legend and according to history she actually did ride through the streets with only her long hair to cover her modesty! I have attached the link for history buffs! The entrance to the supermarket has a beautiful stained glass panel depicting Lady Godiva on her horse, a fitting tribute to a woman of substance!




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