41 Day 84 – Lets Catch up

A few days have passed without a post, yeap I know! Now here’s the deal, I actually took the images each day but simply didnt get chance to upload and post them to my blog. But Im back! So, Ive lined up a right mixed bunch for you today. There’s no rhyme or reason to the images, no real tale to tell, just a selection of shots taken whilst out on the road either driving to work, driving home from work or just out and about. You dont always want an explanation or a reason for something, sometimes you just want to do something because you want to, no dramatics, no fuss, just a camera and a click.



4 thoughts on “41 Day 84 – Lets Catch up

  1. Nice, some of them are otherworldly images somehow. I love your photos but I cannot help thinking your would need to concentrate a bit on a particular theme each time. Try to create a selection of photos that express something you want to say, or observe. I think you are very talented but maybe lack a bit of focus or discipline? Let me know if I’m wrong…#

    • I appreciate your comments and any feedback is constructive. Most of my posts seem to have an initial theme and the words generally support the image but sometimes I go off the beaten track and just let the images do the talking. I have limited time to find the image as I work full-time and so sometimes it is a case of shooting the small things in life. Thank you for your comment though and I will work on my focus. Enjoy!

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