41 Day 86 – Is this where we smile?

Whilst on a mission (and if I told you Id have to kill you lol!) for a little photo project that Im working on I spotted these 2 chaps who by the looks on their rather long faces had obviously spotted me! Now it was lunchtime when I took this shot and I guess you could say that by standing knee high in the ditch on the side of a main road balancing on a branch of a tree to get some height over the hedge and waving my 300mm lens through the surrounding foliage I was probably interrupting their lunch! Can I also add at this point that the hedge had rather long thorns and the fence was electric! Maybe they were waiting for the moment when I overbalanced and came into contact with the fence, not sure horses can laugh……but they definately look like they were wondering just what I was doing!


4 thoughts on “41 Day 86 – Is this where we smile?

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