41 Day 88 – Dusk at Wolvey Heath

This evening I needed to get some fresh air, its been so wet and stormy of late that its been one evening in after another! I may have mentioned this place in an earlier post but its somewhere that I can return to time and time again and see something different every time. This evening it stopped raining long enough to take some shots using the early evening light which sent some lovely muted colours through the reeds around the pond that forms the centre piece to this wetland reserve. For many years I travelled past this place on my way to my best friends house in the village totally unaware of the wetland area although it is only recently that it has been restored back to its current beautiful state.   The reserve was originally a boggy field in a small Hamlet known locally as Sanford, in the early 1900s the land was levelled and drained to provide the Wolvey with a village cricket field. The Old Cricket Field closed in 1957 and  the land the returned to pasture where for many years cattle grazed. In 1999 the land was purchased by a group of villagers who have returned the site to wetland and continue to raise awareness and funds to maintain the site – I hope to visit it for many years to come!


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