41 Day 90 – Flowers in Colour versus Black & White

Ive been looking through the wonderful blogs that I follow and can honestly say that there are some simply stunning black and white images, so much so that they have inspired me to look a little closer and experiment with converting from colour. So, seeing as it has been a total washout of a weekend with some of the worst weather I have seen in a while I have recruited some models from my kitchen to work on! I have added the original colour image as well as the black and white version, again editing is not my forte or my preference but in this case I quite like the fact that the highlights and edges of the water droplets are really lifted against the contrasting darker areas, yet the original softness of the subject remains…ps Ive added a few images today seeing as I missed yesterday!!!


10 thoughts on “41 Day 90 – Flowers in Colour versus Black & White

    • I have to agree, although I love natural straight out of the camera shots I do like to convert to black n white in photoshop. Your images inspired me as they look so much more atmospheric!

  1. I agree Lucy, you cannot beat an image straight from the camera as you had intended the image to be but it is could to use the facilities of Photoshop as a “darkroom tool” to convert or adjust tones as appropriate.Thanks for the comment and I must reciprocate by saying these images have inspired my this afternoon to try a still life..

    • Thanks! Im really pleased that you are going to try something different, I have tried a few things since I started writing this blog and thats due to the people I have read on here! Im sure you will be great!

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