41 Day 92 – Timeless

I miss my Nan………..Winifred Alice Band nee Phillips passed away several years ago aged 93yrs, a wise and wonderfully strong woman who was from a long line of strong no nonsense women! She spent her childhood scrubbing the floors of The Crown Inn, Oakengates, Shropshire of which her Mother was the licencee. Childhood was harsh in them days! After 1846 with the building of the Shrewsbury to Birmingham railway, Oakengates started to thrive and so did the pub. The expanding local industry attracted workers and brewers, and numerous inns, alehouses and beer houses opened and closed. One that as survives to this day is the very same The Crown Inn. The family left the brewey trade when my Nan was in her teens, she married George Band, a civil engineer, settled in the village and went on to have 4 children including my Mother. I have fabulous memories of my Nan, always smiling, always cooking or gardening!! Hands as soft as silk (considering all that scrubbing!) hair as white as snow, a heart as big as the heavens she now occupies…..the photo’s are of Nan’s clock, I can remember it from my childhood, always spinning around on the mantle piece, my Mother remembers it from her childhood so its at least 60 yrs old if not more. It now rests pride of place on my fireplace, sadly not in quite such good working order, I must remedy that….but timeless…..just like my Nan…..x



8 thoughts on “41 Day 92 – Timeless

      • Or.. probably better to say.. give off a cooler light, orangish in the world of colour temperature… many homes now use compact fluorescents which are different again.. more towards the blue end.. god I’m full of useless info! If you shoot again, try changing to tungsten in white balance and see how it changes 🙂

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