41 Day 93 – Smoke on the Water

Rain rain go away! Well I know we need it but every day for weeks?? So at the moment my outdoor pursuit of an image is restricted to a few moments grabbed here and there (generally dry whilst Im sat behind my desk I may add!!). However, tonight on my way home and having spent ages stuck in the queueing traffic I took a chance and drove into the countryside a mile from my home and parked the car on the side of the road. The spot I chose is a bridge which passes over the Ashby canal but less well known is the walking route alongside that occupies an old railway track since removed and left to grass over, I have cycled past it many times (in the summer!!) Apparently it was a railway built to link Stoke Golding to Hinckley and the rest of the area but was never used, hence the name ‘ghost railway’, so out came the camera and yeap you guessed it back came the rain! But I still managed to get some shots! For railway enthusiasts I have added a link regards the ghost line history.




3 thoughts on “41 Day 93 – Smoke on the Water

  1. I see the black and white images are creeping into your blogs…and I like the way the bridge has framed the canal boat. The second image I really like because the eye is led along the old railway “path” with the hedges acting as guidelines towards the distance. Interesting countryside!

      • Lucy, “never say never” and I do not feel that I have a level as I am someone who has a real passion for photography and constantly looking to improve.But any help I can give via my blogs I hope can help us all interested in photography.

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