41 Day 94 – Poppin Out, the Great Escape!

On yet another drive to work this morning I remembered that I had seen these little beauties beginning to colour up, suprising considering the wet weather of late. Its amazing to think how nature has this way of thriving in the most inhospitable places, a neglected strip of land that runs alongside a factory unit, a concrete base that over the last few weeks has transformed into a wild flower haven! I love the way the flowers are breaking out through the rusty railings, its like prisoners attempting to escape, the weather faded poppies with translucent petals, bobbing their heads and waving as preoccupied car drivers stream past more worried about being late than noticing the riot! Bright yellow buttercups acting as miniture spotlights, instant sunshine against the grey of the lampost and the time worn brickwork of the factory walls where workers toiled whislt the flowers celebrated imminent freedom! You’d never believe all this is happening in an area the size of a bath! Maybe tomorrow I will wave back!


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