41 Day 95 – Busy doing Nothing

Sometimes you shoot a photo because its there, infront of you, sometimes its because you like the subject, or because its something unusual. But just now and again you see something that makes you stop and observe for a moment….and the subject challenges you to think about it. I love candid shots, you know, the sneeky shots that you have fun with…..creeping up on someone or an animal without them knowing that you are there, about to catch them going about their business. Its great to photograph people who are oblivious to the fact that they are the star of the show….I have added a couple of shots today, admittedly they havent been shot today, but what the heck! They tell a story, but what that story is I have left up to you….


6 thoughts on “41 Day 95 – Busy doing Nothing

  1. Well… The first has hidden her habbit very well for years… the second has been married for 50 years and the 3rd…. was a bunch of teen blondes that have been waiting for the train to arrive on platform 1…… no disrespect to blondes…..

  2. I have been watching someone’s candid photography on FB from last about a week or so and realised that candid photography is an art and not so easy in a way, A real candid photography with appropriate caption can win an award! I personally liked the 3rd one the most, though you can not see the face.
    Nice shoot.

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