41 Day 96 – Pot of Gold

No rainbow Im afraid, for once we have had the most glorious (if not a little cool) Sunday bathed in soft May sunshine. I headed out towards Derbyshire and one of my favourite National Trust properties Calke Abbey, a place to wander and forget your cares, to become a child again and pretend your Lady of the Manor! Ok so Im not royalty Im afraid but you do get the sense that the people who lived and worked here are still here…..so wandering around the kitchen gardens I found the gardeners house, not a house in the sense that someone lived in it, but a house where the gardeners of Calke went about their work, no electrical gadgets to do this job, just hard work and years of knowledge passed from Head gardener to his apprentices. Calke Abbey has been left almost frozen in time, the family fell on hard times and the house was left to sleep until the National Trust embraced it and brought it back to life, so what you see in the images here is what was found when they took over, not some tacky mock up, but reality……the board containing the winning slips from shows stands testiment to the quality of those who lived and worked here…generations ago….gone but not forgotten.


8 thoughts on “41 Day 96 – Pot of Gold

  1. Simply Awesome! Absolutely spot on ! What a terrific set of images and you cannot beat Derbyshire for just getting away from things as the Peak District was my childhood stomping ground. Once again a great set of images….

    • Wow thanks! I have to admit this is one of my fav passtimes, wandering around a place that has so much history, you can really lose yourself! Im sure Derbyshire has so much more to discover, I look forward to finding out! Feel free to recommend anywhere you know!

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