41 Day 97 – Blue Candle

Candles fascinate me. Every time I visit a garden centre or a gift shop Im drawn to candles, not fork handles as in the sketch by The Two Ronnies (just had to throw that one in…bet your all doing the voice now right?!). You can light a candle for many reasons, to give an ambient light for a romantic meal, to change a mood with a lovely scent, or to simply remember a loved one in a church or a memorial place. Candles with wicks have been documents as early as Roman times when they were used as a light source to light homes and temples but even earlier forms are known to have been used by the Egyptians. I prefer candles to electric lights, especially in the winter months but this one in todays image is purely for its heavenly scent, jasmine and waterlily apparently, and I especially like the patterns that the melted wax has made around the edges. The only difference between the two images is a slight variation in white balance.



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