41 Day 98 – Red Door Doomed

I’m still amazed by just what you can see when you’re out and about, going about your normal daily routine. I was driving through town today and happened to be going past the site of the new cinema and bar complex that has just been given the go ahead. The sad thing is that although we will gain some much needed entertainment in this town we lose a part of my childhood, a parade of shops that have been there as long as I can remember. Now I know that in this day and age there is little room for sentimentality especially where business and money are concerned, but I remember the odd time that Mum or Dad walked me past those shops when I was very young, gazing through the windows looking at the model toys and things that the shop sold. I also remember a rather more sinister incident in the 90’s when a local shop owner was tied up and the shop set alight by thugs, leaving him for dead, although happily he survived all be it with terrible injuries. It will all be gone soon, a distant memory, replaced by neon lights and high prices, but this door stands defiant, angry red, a final stand before yet more of Hinckley is demolished in the name of progress.



4 thoughts on “41 Day 98 – Red Door Doomed

  1. Interesting blog and I always find it is amazing when you look back over a few years into your images on how much a cityscape or a landscape that you have been regularly photographing changes. Often I feel that the city planners are more likely to be outsiders and may not necessarily understand the history or quality of life there may have been in the community they are wanting to change. Sorry did not mean to go on. .

    • Absolutely, I photograph for pleasure but sometimes I like to make people stop and think, one day the things I photograph may not be around, thats quite a thought! And you didnt go on at all!!

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