41 Day 100 – Lookin at yew kid!

Ok ok yes I know thats a terrible title…but it made me smile! But these little chaps are soo cute I just had to stop and get their portraits! Its my 100th post today and I really cant believe how quick its gone, and looking at these young lambs it wont take them long to grow up just like their sheepish mum! I love the way they are looking at the camera completely unimpressed, quizzical and rather perplexed by this strange newcomer infront of them. But even so I held their gaze long enough to capture this little shot before they realised that mum was heading off for some peace and quiet, turning their backs they skipped off behind her only stopping to check that the papparazzi had gone!


3 thoughts on “41 Day 100 – Lookin at yew kid!

  1. I can believe it! It’s a great achievement and I’m proud to say I’ve read and enjoyed every one of them! Great stories and some really lovely images shared. Looking forward to the next 100! x

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