41 Day 102 – Just Bluebells

They appear from the woodland floor, silently reaching out toward the shafts of light that pierce the trees, green and ordinary, overlooked by all who pass by. Walkers blissfully unaware of their presence, children more interested in the trees and dogs too excited at being let of the leash. But almost over night they become the most special of our wild flowers, a pure sign of the end of winter as thoughts turn to summer days, the delicate bell shaped blooms dance in the breeze and the lightest scent carries through the air. I love these flowers, I await their return year on year, the blue waves of colour almost turn the floor to a mirror image of the bluest skies or deepest lakes, unassuming, delicate, yet perfectly formed. For as soon as they are there they are gone for another year.


6 thoughts on “41 Day 102 – Just Bluebells

    • I resorted to my garden and found some absolute gems! The bluebells seem to get better with every day, I actually took these shots as my Mum wants a series of prints in a frame and she loves bluebells so these are the ones! Thanks for the great comments, your images inspire me!

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