41 Day 104 – Got the Green Light

I have to smile about my titles sometimes! I love taking the photos but its such great fun coming up with the titles! Anyway, back to the task in hand….Ive been following a couple of other UK blogs for a while now and I have to say they are fantastic! (You know who you are!!) But I have to say that they are spoilt for landscapes and seascapes and views…..when you live in the Midlands and are surrounded by the urban sprawl of cities and motorways you have to look elsewhere for inspiration as the landscape doesnt always inspire you. Needless to say it challenges you to look closer at the what is around you, on your doorstep and especially the smaller things that otherwise may go unnoticed. So I have been out in my garden again and really looked at what is there, the plants that I have barely looked at since last Autumn when they were starting to wrap up for the season, the bare patches of soil starting to fill with seedling perennials and wild poppies and the trees, already showing off their leaf covered canopies….and thats when I saw the light! (No not in a religious sense) but the pure light that filters through the green and makes the edges of each delicate leaf glow…..so you could say I got the green light!



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